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Cabbage Salad with Roasted Garbanzos from one of my favorite blogs: Recipemuse

Crunchy, subtly sweet, mild, savory, and a tasty nutrient powerhouse. I’m talking about cabbage, of course! This stalwart vegetable deserves some love, especially in the winter when quality salad greens can be scarce. But cabbage — it’s there for you! … Continue reading

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Food Handling Safety Tips

This note is mainly for beginning cooks. I have to admit, I am known for being a bit paranoid of germs and contamination in the kitchen. Yes, it’s true that some germs are good for us; but it’s also important to understand … Continue reading

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Cooking in Karachi Travels…

After spending most of the past 19 years in Karachi, I am on the move! I will miss many nice things about life here, but I will especially miss the friends I’ve made! It’s the kind of place where you are able … Continue reading

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Welcome to my Karachi kitchen

It seems that everyone has at least one health aspect to consider in terms of their diet. Our family is no different. With cholesterol and general healthy eating considerations, it can be challenging to please everybody. When I come up with a concoction that everyone eats happily, I’m … Continue reading

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