Cooking in Karachi Travels…

Go now?After spending most of the past 19 years in Karachi, I am on the move! I will miss many nice things about life here, but I will especially miss the friends I’ve made! It’s the kind of place where you are able to meet people, not only from Pakistan but from all over the world…and you often have to say goodbye to them when they move on. This time it’s me saying goodbye.

You can never have too many friends, though, and the Karachi bonds are binding. I think I’ll be posting in the future, here (on this blog) – but technically not here in Karachi. I will spare you the list of things I won’t miss. Suffice to say, I look forward to milk that I don’t have to pasteurize myself; and tap water that flows abundantly and doesn’t need to be boiled. Ahhhh, the luxuries!


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3 Responses to Cooking in Karachi Travels…

  1. Kim says:

    We will miss you Amarah. Best of luck in your new location.

  2. Munira says:

    Nineteen years….that’s a pretty long time! Your friends here will miss your presence too I’ll bet.
    Good luck!

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