Big City Bird Watching

I am terrible at identifying birds, I admit it. But I am great at knowing when there’s an interesting one to identify! On one of those four palms that I see out of my kitchen windows, was an unusual bird today. I tried to get pictures and I even took a picture through my binoculars! I  really think it looked like some kind of eagle, but is most likely a Kite that is seen everywhere in Karachi. Whatever it is, though, it’s been really fun to watch!

Whenever my mom visits Pakistan, we do lots of birdwatching, and it’s because of her that I notice in the first place. You can watch birds anywhere! Even in this huge city of Karachi. Identifying them? Now that’s another story! Here are some more pictures of this mysterious creature, and the Princeton Field Guide open to the page on the eagles, what do you think?


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