Hey! Where’d that Silver House go?

Now you too can buy one of these innovative Chandi Ghars. These structures are not only helping the environment through the recycling of materials, they are also inexpensive, weather-resistant, durable and a relief from the heat. This one moved from the Submarine Chowk to Gulshan – just like that! It is yet another outstanding advantage of such structures – they can be easily moved on very short notice! Sadly, we won’t be able to donate our recyclables to that location any longer though as the NGO had to vacate the Submarine Chowk.

Gul Bahao is run by Nargis Latif who has put 18 dedicated years into this research and development that could truly change the world. There are tremendous commercial applications in this innovative technology. The structures are modular – the building blocks can be used as furniture such as a couch, bed or chair or made into a combination of rooms according to your needs. The organization is making Chandi ghar (silver house) classrooms and examination halls for Karachi University.

Gul Bahao is asking for your help. They are appealing, with some urgency, for financial donations of any amount to keep this innovative work progressing. They are also asking for you to consider buying a cool Chandi Ghar for your home or educational institution. It can be used at factory sites, building sites, as a guard’s house or gazebo. The applications are endless.

Donors are desperately needed. Please contact Gul Bahao at: 0333 886 9491

Nargis Latif would be happy to meet with potential buyers or donors to the NGO.

This website has news and pictures about the projects Gul Bahao are involved in. Check it out! http://gulbahao.org/

Donations can be made directly to: Gulbahao Account number 010052-34 First Women Bank (0007)

For a better world, support Gul Bahao!


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