61st Pakistan Flower Show 2012

In all the years that I’ve lived in Karachi, I can’t believe I never visited the Flower Show at Seaview until this year. Wow! It wasn’t only flowers. Displays, information, baked goods, jams; I’m sure I didn’t see half of the installations. There were numerous nurseries with plants for sale, including a number of gardening stalls.  ‘Mom’s Garden’, offers growing advice, seedlings and plants; they encourage composting and gave detailed information on how to do it yourself. I bought some composted fertilizer from them, as well as a basil, flat-leaf parsley, lettuce and…drum roll please…a celery plant! What a treat! I ran right home and made real bolognese sauce (real, meaning I actually had that third ingredient of the trio: onion, carrot and celery).

The efforts in putting on the horticulture displays are nothing short amazing. There are actually trees transplanted there just for the weekend. Everything from a Japanese garden to play areas for children are on display. I saw very little in the 1 1/2 hours that I spent there, and will surely have to go again. It’s on from Friday, February 24th til Monday the 27th, 8 a.m. til 11 p.m. They also have many workshops: ‘How to Grow Vegetables’ by the Amateurs Gardeners Club; ‘Landscaping’ and ‘Recycling of Water’ to name a few. Overall: Highly recommended!


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4 Responses to 61st Pakistan Flower Show 2012

  1. Munira says:

    Hahah, we’re bound to run into each other one of these months! This year I attacked the organic food stalls and bought me tons of rocket and assorted lettuce and ate just salad for a few days. Yum!

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