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61st Pakistan Flower Show 2012

In all the years that I’ve lived in Karachi, I can’t believe I never visited the Flower Show at Seaview until this year. Wow! It wasn’t only flowers. Displays, information, baked goods, jams; I’m sure I didn’t see half of the installations. … Continue reading

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The Runaway ‘Chicken’ …or Lost in Translation

The neighbors lost a big bird…something like a chicken that jumps rooftop to rooftop! Very confused, we went to our roof and sure enough, a bird took off from our roof to the neighbor’s. A peacock – and it’s mate had flown to … Continue reading

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Corn Bread in Karachi

It’s always exciting when you are able to find an ingredient that you didn’t think was available locally. I found, what I would refer to as, cornmeal at Paradise last week. I had to prevail upon a fellow shopper to … Continue reading

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