Pomegranate: Jewels of Karachi

Absolutely gorgeous! Pomegranates are in season in Karachi. They’re delicious and so good for you! If you’re like me, I had to learn how to cut a pomegranate. It’s actually very easy. 

Cut a slice off the top and the bottom, score the sides and break it apart. Gently roll the red beads (arils) out. You can swallow the seeds, or just chew the arils and discard the pits. Of course juicing is a great option as well.


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2 Responses to Pomegranate: Jewels of Karachi

  1. Munira says:

    Went out to Flamingo to have pomegranate juice last night…….it was utterly and delightfully luxurious! And with a little bit of rock salt….mmmmmm.

    • amarahm says:

      Hey, is that in the Boat Basin? Have you ever tried Qasr-e-Nakheel at the end of the Boat Basin (near where Kings and Queen’s Pizza used to be). They have really good Shwarma and hummus plates. So many fun places in Karachi!

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